A good customer of ours originally asked us to “Tidy up” the paintwork on his Porsche 964 Turbo as it had some repairs prior to him buying the car and you could see three different shades to the colour on the car.
During the initial consultation we discovered the only panel we believe that had not had work done was the roof, we agreed between us that there was only one way to do it… And that was properly! So a respray was in order to match the roof.

Of course we obliged. As you can see in these pictures the initial repairs were addressed first.

Then bumpers, skirts, mirrors, trims and ancillaries removed to be painted separately.



After the preparation was complete the body was moved to the booth for painting.

13-Porsche 911 in progress14-100_2775



Once completed this is what we had.
18-image003 (2)19-IMG_0368



After we had worked our magic the car was whisked off to BS Motorsport in Westcott and left in the hands of Porsche guru Neil Bainbridge, under the careful direction of the owner the car was subject to a fire breathing 500 BHP engine conversion, the original antiquated mechanical engine management was ditched in favour of a state of the art set-up along with bespoke exhausts and wiring loom… I’m sure Neil will fill in the gaps if anybody wishes to know more. www.BSMotorsport.co.uk.

Porsche 964 Turbo