A little bit over cast at Silverstone this morning, as you can see we collected a pair of Black Lotus Evora’s this morning for a little bit of a spruce up.

Both are in stock at Silverstone Lotus, one has spent its life so far in London, so has a couple of minor scratches for us to attend to. The second one has been owned by Lotus and has a couple of small scratches and also the headlights to re-laquer.

2-Lotus Evora Restoration-001 3-Lotus Evora Restoration-002

Lotus Evora headlights have a fine laquer over the light, which if you get stone chips, it will lead to water getting under the laquer and then a peeling effect starts, we have treated many of these now for Silverstone Lotus, and they will look like new again.

7-Lotus Evora Restoration-0066-Lotus Evora Restoration-005

5-Lotus Evora Restoration-0044-Lotus Evora Restoration-003

Lotus Evora Twins arrive