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This car had spent many years in a barn in France, with the promise by the owner’s son that he would restore it for him. We were approached by the son to take on a full re paint whilst he did all the mechanical refurbishment himself.

A schedule was put together that once the car was stripped down we would have the main body delivered to us first by trailer, during the stripping of the car he had discovered that the car was not its original shade of white and had been repainted before, so the job changed slightly to be a back to bare metal re-spray.
E Type Jaguar being stripped for re paintE type being loaded for transportation by customer
E Type Jaguar Tub in Paint preperationE Type Jaguar paint preperation

E Type Jaguar paint PrepE Type Jaguar in paint prep

E Type Jaguar new front bracketsE Type Jaguar Repairs
Jaguar were contacted and after some digging, they were kind enough to supply us with the original colour College white. Once painted this was returned in exchange for the bonnet, doors and boot, this picture is the start of the refit by the customer
E Type Jaguar rebuilt engine fittedE Type Jaguar first test 4
E Type Jaguar first testE Type Jaguar first test 2

E Type Jaguar out of the garageE Type Jaguar first test 3

E Type Jaguar rearE Type Jaguar rear 2

E Type Jaguar re fitE Type Jaguar front nearly finished

And here we have the finished project
E Type Jaguar front pictureE Type Jaguar finished

E Type Jaguar outside

E Type Jaguar
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